Visitors Management System

We help Estates or gated communities increase security through pre-registration of visitors, ID verification and host notification by email, SMS and push notification.

Estate Visitors Management system

Gauteng Technicial Services Pty Ltd helps Estates or gated communities increase security through pre-registration of visitors, ID verification and host notification by email, SMS and push notification.

Apartment Buildings

Apartments buildings or multi-unit dwellings find solutions through Gauteng Technical Services with short term or visitor management & access control for residents from curb to couch.

Remote Utility Sites

Power, water & telecom remote sites all require remote access/control to manage security. Gauteng Technical Services allows the remote issuing of temporary credentials for contractors at these sites.

Construction Industry

Gauteng Technical Services provides a well needed security layer for construction or temporary sites or projects. It helps implement portable access control, health/safety screening & time attendance.

Mixed Used Buildings

Mixed use developments provide a challenge due to the combination of visitors, tenants and contractors. ATG helps visitors and personnel transit through multiple layers of security.

Hospitality Industry

With COVID-19 the hospitality industry needs to screen employees, contractors and visitors to ensure compliance. Gauteng Technical Services Pty Ltd also provides security access control by scanning QR code or RFID staff badges.

Government Hi-Security

Gauteng Technical Services Pty Ltd has many features for sites requiring hi-security such as government buildings or ports of entry. This include multi-credential combinations as well as ID / Passport scanning & Encryption.

Educational Facilities

The protection of students is paramount. Gauteng Technical Services Pty ltd provides nurseries, creches, schools, universities & colleges with a robust fixed or portable electronic visitor and access control management system.

Powerful Integrations For Seamless Access Control and Visitor Management


ATG is a software and hardware solution for access control, visitor management and health and safety screening.


Physical Access Control by Portable or Fixed Installation Reader to Control Pedestrian or Vehicle Access.


Screen visitors, contractors and employees with custom COVID-19 questions and temperature screening.


ATG allows one to digitise and automate the visitor data capture process through OCR and barcode scanning.


An easy-to-use web interface for all system monitoring, control, setup, reporting and configuration.

LPR Vehicle Access & Parking Control

Special features for vehicle access control include the use of license plate recognition cameras as entry or exit credentials. In addition vehicle license disk scanning is supported with all vehicle details (vehicle number plate, VIN number, color, model and make) uploaded and stored by the ATG. ATG is also able to interface to vehicle boom barriers via i/o devices to open these if the transaction is authorised.

Multiple Credential Types & Levels

A key feature of ATG is it’s ability to support multiple credential types such as Facial Recognition Images, QR Codes, RFID tags or cards, One-Time-Pins (OTPs), Number-Plate-Recognition Plates, and ID or Passport Scanning.

Credentials can be used in combination or in sequence in order to create double ‘knock’ security levels. Certain credential types such as OTPs and QR codes can be used by individuals who prefer not to carry credentials or who need to be issued with a non-permanent credential for access to a facility. Legacy credentials are also supported including Various Types of Biometrics Including Face Recognition, Vehicle Long Range RFID and standard RFID proxmity cards.

One Time Pin Access Control

A special feature designed for temporary access control, ATG can issue one-time-pins to visitors or contractors. Various access control hardware device are supported including 2N IP access control or keypad devices. These OTPs can also be used in conjunction with other credentials such as RFID cards for double security.

QR Code Scanning & Badge Printing

ATG supports QR code scanning, QR code badge printing and data capture from vCard and MeCard. These can be used as credentials for physical access control or for security verification of individuals. Security badges can be printed via the web interface or directly from the handheld ATG Guard security device.

Encryption & Security

Information security is critical to us and with ATG all data between the server and the browser or application is encrypted. As well as any data stored offline on the handheld device. Custom public and private keys can also be added to the system based on the customer’s security requirements.

ID, Drivers License & Passport Scanning

To help automate and speed up visitor enrollment and data capture, ATG has support for scanning ID Cards, ID books & Drivers Licenses. We also support passport scanning via MRZ OCR. All information is securely transmitted and stored in an encrypted database by the ATG server.

2N IP Hardware Support

ATG supports the 2N range of IP Access Control Hardware. 2N provides intercom & access control hardware solutions for commercial and residential applications. Combined with the powerful features of the ATG software, the user is provided with an excellent access control solution with visitor management, user groups, scheduling, temporary one-time pin access and visitor enrollment through a web interface.

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Access Control Data Analytics

Our data analytics feature analyses access control data to assist security or estate managers to pick up access control trends or patterns onsite. Ten different analytic fields are provided by ATG including the 10 top visitors, the 10 top hosts, the busiest access times, a total amount of entries/exits, access by visitor reason and the busiest access control point.

Visitor Self Service Digital Concierge Kiosk FrontDesk Kiosk solution allows for unattended visitor registration in a reception or lift lobby area of a building. On approval of the registration by the host, the kiosk can be configured to print, email or SMS a QR code which can be used on and  QR code reader to gain entry into a building.  With biometric facial recognition installations, the face captured on the kiosk is uploaded to the facial biometric reader at the site for complete visitor to physical access control solution. Standard Android Tablets can be used or our special ATG Kiosk product.

Visitor Credential API Integration

The ATG Web Services API allows for the creation, updating and deletion of Temporary Visitor Credentials to allow temporary access control to a building or to allow for the pre-registration of Visitors via a CRM. This is ideal for the automating of short term accommodation via 3rd party property management apps. As well as the streamlining of delivery fulfilment applications where a courier or customer needs to receive a credential to gain access to a building or locker to deliver or collect a parcel.