Access Control

control who enters your premises and when

Access control, Intercom system and door entry systems allow you to control who enters your premises and when. This can be done via a user operation ie: answering an audio or video call unit or automatically using a wide range of reading devices locally at the entrance or connected via a central control unit.

Identification admission applications utilised for controlled access to restricted areas of entry

  • Time and Attendance
  • Provides accurate proof of employee attendance
  • Excellent for management of labour costs and payment reductions
  • Eliminates the risk of manual error
  • Fully compliant with SA Labour Regulations
  • Biometrics
  • Identification through set markers of individual biological traits utilising fingerprint readers or facial recognition units
  • Biological markers cannot be duplicated or lost
  • Superior security access measure which eliminates theft and fraud
  • Suitable for Time Recording and/or Access Control
  • Proximity
  • Code-specific data verification linked to identity card access reader technology
  • Suitable for Time Recording and/or Access Control
  • Boom Gates and Vehicle Barriers
  • Monitors vehicle access to controlled entry and exit areas
  • Operates on horizontal and vertical pivotal positions
  • System technology utilises infrared beams, coils or raised/lowered bollards
  • Turnstiles
  • Barrier arms restrict entry to one person at a time
  • Suitable for controlled pedestrian access or statistical data collection
  • Revolving Doors
  • This installation is suitable for controlling entry and exist pedestrian traffic flow in large buildings
  • The system supports energy efficiency and temperature control measurements
  • Man Traps or Air Locks
  • Installed with two sets of interlocking doors, operating independently of each other
  • Best suited for banks and high security buildings
  • The installation is also used to manage airflow restriction and temperature control
  • Spike Barriers
  • Comprised of embedded steel spikes which rise to prevent vehicle access
  • A popular security solution to manage traffic at casino and parking garages
  • Special Needs Gates
  • A user-friendly barrier designed to specific access and security specifications
  • Provides comfortable building access and assistance to people with special needs
  • Metal Detectors
  • Electronic detection systems installed in hand-held units or free-standing arched walk-ways
  • Suitable for high security access points in airports, banks, mines and restricted areas

No business is alike, they each have different requirements and operate to their own specifications. To support every need, we have created a variety of access control setups that can be introduced into your premises in Gauteng Province.

Biometric Face, finger and voice recognition are widely becoming the de factory way to gain access, whether unlocking your phone or to enter your premises. That is why we utilize some of the best biometric access control brands in biometric.

Providing vehicle access and control, our boom systems are either manually controlled by an operator or linked to protocols such as biometrics, RFID or a key fob. The important thing is that everything is interconnected offering you and oversight on all vehicle movement in and out of your premises.